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Hydrographic Surveys


Hydrographic Division

Our hydrographic division provides river and seabed mapping surveys and also other supportive study such as current and wave study, or sedimentation study.

Our teams are familiar in operating various hydrographic equipments such as GPS, single-beam echo sounder, multi-beam echo sounder, tide gauge, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, current meter and seabed sample grabber.

Additionally, Ellipsis is also capable to give a positioning service in offshore industries especially to support oil & gas operation such as:

  • Diving operation
  • ROV operation


  • Bathymetry Survey
  • Precision positioning and navigation
  • Navigational mapping and coastal zone mapping
  • Offshore construction navigation
  • Side scan sonar survey
  • Support for spatial planning and monitoring
  • Port, jetty and other marine infrastructure planning, and construction monitoring
  • Support dredging activity
  • Pipe laying planning, monitoring and as-laid survey
  • Current surveys

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