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The Company Services

Our Specialization

Hydrographic Surveys

Our teams are familiar in operating various hydrographic equipments such as GPS, single-beam echo sounder, multi-beam echo sounder, tide gauge, side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, current meter and seabed sample grabber.

Subsea Assets Management

Our personnel provide our clients with extensive expertise and knowledge in subsea sector, helping them clients gain the most out of their assets in a safe and efficient manner.

Land Surveys

Elllipsis utilizes the most advanced technology including LIDAR Mapping, Total Station, Global Positioning System (GPS), 3D Laser Scanner and Geodetic Monitoring System (Geomos). We also adopt new tools as they are introduced, to ensure efficiency and accuracy on our projects.

Geographic Information System

Our GIS services include capturing, storing, integrating, manipulating, analyzing, and displaying data related to positions on the Earth's surface. And our service is not limited to mapping services but also remote sensing and image processing.

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